The Westward Hours is the novel I’ve most recently finished. Though set in a drought-baked American West, most of the writing happened between rainy England and the rainforests of British Columbia. The University of East Anglia awarded me a three year scholarship to complete TWH, and a PhD at the end of it all. UEA is famous for two things: writing and climate science. TWH is set in the near future, when global warming upends everything from farms to churches. It follows three generations of the MacAllister family through a new Wild West as Climatic Change ushers in the Migration Era, the Sacrifice Wars, the First Corporate Congress and the Reconstitution of the United States. Having completed The Westward Hours, as I await its publication, I have returned to the world of its origins. Only thanks to El Niño is the Santa Fe River, which travels past my house, running hard this winter.