The Westward Hours is the first book of trilogy, following three generations of the MacAllister family through a new Wild West as Climatic Change ushers in the Migration Era, the Sacrifice Wars, the First Corporate Congress and the Reconstitution of the United States.


Author’s note


This book would not exist without the worldview that was shared with me by Ella Mike, Jenny Parker and, particularly, Henry Parker, when, as a young lonely hitchhiker, I wandered into their lives and we worked side by side on the range. Their world was expressed to me in Navajo song-stories and a daily attention to the land, as well the time-altering implications of the Diné language. There is much I have forgotten, much I never learned, and much I learned imperfectly. The Westward Hours is the story of three generations of MacAllisters, unimaginably imperfect, who are, from beginning to end, indebted to Navajo culture and the articulate land where it is rooted. For the Mikes’ and Parkers’ generosity of spirit and story – that taught a suburban white girl a relationship between people and place, a relationship which my own ancestors abandoned, much to the detriment of all peoples and places – I will be forever grateful. One third of the royalties from The Westward Hours is pledged to funding programs that support new work by Native American artists, curators and writers.